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Steve Wozniak Tribute Message to Steve Jobs Death


  • The two built and marketed the first personal computer to generate color graphics, the Apple II. Jobs would go on to become the showman and the mastermind behind revolutionary products such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

    Although the two didn’t stay as close through the decades, they remained in touch.

    Wozniak was among millions mourning Jobs’ death on Wednesday at 56.

    We’ve lost something we won’t get back,” Wozniak said in a phone interview with The Associated Press. “The way I see it, though, the way people love products he put so much into creating means he brought a lot of life to the world.

    Wozniak wiped away tears in a separate AP video interview.

    Jobs “gets a reputation for being a strong leader and for being brash. But to me he was always so kind, such a good friend,” he said.

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