Facebook Officially Declared that your Personal Data is their Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets

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Claiming that certain aspects of your personal data is “a trade secret or intellectual property of Facebook Ireland Limited or its licensors” seems pretty extraordinary. Schrems is not letting things rest there, though, and has contacted the Irish Data Protection Commissioner to pursue the matter further

Please note that certain categories of personal data are exempted from subject access requests. Pursuant to Section 4(9) of the Acts, personal data which is impossible to furnish or which can only be furnished after disproportionate effort is exempt from the scope of a subject access request. We have not furnished personal data which cannot be extracted from our platform in the absence of disproportionate effort.

Now it turns out that there are gaps in what was provided. When pressed, Facebook flat-out claims that certain aspects of your personal data uploaded to or entered on Facebook is a trade secret or intellectual property of Facebook. You can’t see your own information, because it’s theirs.

Source: TechDirt

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