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The Dark Knight Rises App for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

  • The limited edition Batman The Dark Knight Rises with Lumia 900. It can be used by any  Lumia Windows Phone, download the app and enjoy the experience.

    App includes Trailers, ringtones and wallpapers. Coupled with the counter, the app displays the nearest theatres that will be showing the title, using the location of the user. Directions to theatres are available on-hand.

    If you login and connect to your Foursquare account, you get to choose your side (Batman or Bane) and play a Foursquare-based mini-game titled Claim Gotham City. A map is presented to the user that enables locations to be taken over by either side (checking in), earning points and exclusive content. As well as taking over locations on your own, joint attacks can be performed with other players.

    Download the app here

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