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How to Setup Sun Broadband Stick in Windows OS



This is my actual experience in setting up my Sun broadband stick in Windows 7 OS.

Here are the steps.

1. Insert Sun Broadband stick in the USB Port of your PC or Laptop

2. Go to ‘My Computer’ Sreen (see image below), double click on the drive with the ‘ZTEMODEM’. The installer wizard will launch.

3. Click Next

4. Choose the Install location (default is c:/Program Files ) , Click Next

5. Then click Finish

To Load Sun Braodband Stick Internet

6. After the setup the Sun Broandband dashboard will show,  click SMS (See image below) to access the SMS / text function of the broadband stick.

7. The SMS function actually works the same as the phone sms, you can send text message or check your balance similar to ordinary sun mobile.

Note: Sun broadband prepaid load not included in the kit but a new purchase of broadband will give you free internet hours.

8. Follow the instructions in the Sun Broadband prepaid card (Applicable for prepaid subscribers). You can refer to this image below for the correct format of reloading your internet prepaid account. After that, a confirmation message will be sent to your inbox.


9. After you have installed the Sun Broadband stick and added load.  You must first adjust one setting in your connection in order to successfully connect to the internet (I wonder why this is not set in default)

10. Go to ‘Settings’ page, (See image below) to access the configuration settings.

11. In the ‘Connection’ screen change ‘Configuration name’ from Standard to Internet (important).

12. Click apply, then close the setting. Then going back to the Sun Broadband dashboard, you can now then connect by click the button (See image below).

13. That’s it, you are now connected to the internet using your Sun Broadband stick. Congratulations 🙂




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