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Google+ Plus Can Now Add Custom URL Names in Pages and Profile Name

  • Since the release of the Google+ Plus int the public, you have noticed that there is still something missing in the Google Social Network, and that is the Custom URL or Vanity name which is already available in most popular social media sitest such as facebook.

    From Google source person Saurabh Sharma in his post https://plus.google.com/109179785755319022525/posts/aWREtiDhse2 announced that they are introducing or finally implementing the custom URL to better find the product or person much easier and recognize the brand directly in the browser URL.

    “Custom URLs will also be available to people and pages worldwide, At first, we’re introducing custom URLs to a limited number of verified profiles and pages. But over time we plan to offer custom URLs to many more brands and individuals”

    So I assume the they will be implemented by Google+ account first for big companies to avoid any conflicts, product, or service infringement issues.

    Hope they will release this soon as to catch up with the top social network and have a better visibility of the account or product page not just in google+ page but in overall search results.

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