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iOS 6 is Now Available – Sorry old iPhone Models

  • So the iOS 6 is out in the market with the compatibility available starting from iPhone 3GS (surprisingly) to iPhone 5. The only thing is that how will affect the old 3GS with the new iOS 6. I mean it would be lucky to run smoothly especially with the new features and can the old models ( From iPhone 4 down) hardware can support it fully or even use it fully.

    Based on their site. Most of the new features can only be used with specific iPhone Models, mostly iPhone 4S to the iPhone 5. That shows how fast the technology depreciates.

    These are the features with their compatible iPhone models.

    iPhone 5 | iPhone 4s
    – Turn-by-turn navigation is available only on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad 2 or later with cellular data capability.
    – Flyover
    – Siri
    – FaceTime over a cellular network
    – FaceTime video calling
    – Made for iPhone hearing aids
    – Panorama

    iPhone 4

    – Offline Reading List

    iPhone 3GS

    – iCloud

    These will actually forced the old model users to upgrade to the newer iPhone device provide if they have great amount of moolah (money) to spare. If not, they are other OSs out there (Hello Android) that can accomodate most of these features with less device compatibility dependencies. you decide.

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