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Bible App For Android

  • In this paperless age generation, we can see the trend of less printed books or any printable materials and more on digital content whether in the PC, tablets and mobile which is also commonly known as an e-book.

    Of all these Bible apps, I choose Holy Bible of Solvus Lab, not only it is free but works offline as well, most of the Bible apps for android required an internet connection, well, it will work if your church has a wifi connection or you are always connected online.

    The great thing about this Bible app is that it is in NIV (New International Version) which is widely used bible version. And yes it is FREE, though they have a paid version but it still works fine except for a few advertisements.

    The interface is really simple and clean, you can actually browse the verses right away. You can also adjust the font size of the text if it is too big for you.

    You can Bookmark, favorite and even share the verses of the app. By bookmarking, you can highlight the verses by holding the specific verse then a pop up prompt will show up then you can choose the color of the highlight add notes to be view in the bookmarks menu.

    “Favorite” option is similar except it will just highlight the verse. “Share” option is very much useful if you want to post or publish a verse to different social networking websites and also send it through email to specific individuals.

    You can download the app for free in the Android play store, just search “Bible NIV”

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