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YouScoop App (Android) Review



In this age of technology where information seem limitless and the amount of news and happenings gathered are getting more and more real time as many of these are captured by different types of medium like mobile phones, tablets, laptop and other gadgets. We tend to share stories and events through social media sites whether it is a life event or just an ordinary day.

One of the biggest television network in the Philippines launched its popular youscoop app for iOS and Android were people/youscoopers can capture particular events and happenings around the world and share it easily with the app directly to the TV network station and broadcast it in Television (if chosen).

Though you can still other upload pictures and videos from other users in their home stream. In this case, I used android to download the app from the Playstore, just search youscoop or you scoop and you can see the app to download, and yes, it is FREE.

But before you can submit or upload a youscopp picture or video, you have to register first, and then verify you registration in your given email, so it is just a simple process really and after that you will be notified in the mail about your registration and just confirm it to display the message that you are a registered YouScooper, how cool is that.

The upload process is really simple as show below the interface, just choose between video or photo and you have the option to upload it via your mobile camera or your recorded files.


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