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Most Reliable 4G Sticks on Tattoo

Bianca Gonzalez -globe tatoo
  • Bianca Gonzalez -globe tatooTECHNOLOGY has made it possible for people to move their world, empowering them to become
    instruments in helping others in need.

    Take the case of Tattoo brand ambassador Bianca Gonzalez who has been a cyberspace crusader for
    many years, helping rebuild hopes and dreams. Bianca has used her celebrity status and her wide
    cyberspace influence to be of help to other people.

    Tattoo powers up Bianca’s burning passion to help and make a difference in the lives of other people by
    providing her with the fastest, most reliable and most affordable connection with the 4G Prepaid stick.

    Tattoo has made it very easy for everyone to connect and help rebuild lives. The Tattoo 4G Flash Stick
    is a powerful tool that provides the freedom, the speed and the reliability to link up with everyone and
    initiate change,” explains Dong Ronquillo, Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business.

    The Tattoo 4G Flash Stick is the best value 4G stick in the market that revolutionizes surfing experience
    with speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps – now at only P995.

    Tattoo also offers the Tattoo 4G Superstick which allows subscriber to connect to up to eight devices for
    only P3495.

    Each Tattoo Flash 4G stick and Tattoo 4G Superstick comes with FREE surfing on Facebook once a week
    for 6 months.

    “The Tattoo 4G prepaid stick is the most affordable 4G stick in the market to date at only P995. Tattoo
    has also made it very convenient for the subscriber to choose which day of the week he or she wants to
    avail of the free Facebook access which is valid for six months, the longest validity for a freebie offered
    to broadband subscribers,” adds Ronquillo.

    Move your world like Bianca with your own Tattoo 4G Flash or Tattoo 4G Superstick Prepaid stick!

    For more details, visit tattoo.globe.com.ph or the Globe store nearest you.


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