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App Review: Tripeaks Cards

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Simple solitaire game with rules:

1) There are cards on table and on left side.
2) Check out card on left stack and click on card from table which is
1 number above or below than card on left.
There is one exception: On ‘A’ you can put ‘K’ or ‘2’, and on ‘2’ you
can put ‘3’ or ‘A’.
3) If you click is not possible (there is no card with +/-1 value)
click on left hidden cards: new card will be served. Number of
available cards is displayed on left
4) Try to remove all cards from right stack to pass level!

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The game is simple and fun to play, though I was hoping the graphics will be better. The transition between cards is not that smooth. The game is simple to play and requires less time to learn it.

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