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How to Enroll/Apply to Unionbank Philippines UMobile Banking App



There are times that you just want to check your account anytime and anywhere without to look for the PC or a laptop. You can now do it through mobile using Unionbank Philippines UMobile app.

UMobile is a dynamic mobile banking application that enables you to check your real-time account balance, pay your bills, transfer funds, and even buy prepaid load — anytime and anywhere. The app also provides additional customer support through its text feature.

But before you can access your account online, you need to enroll your mobile device/number in order to use the mobile banking service fully.

There are 2 ways for you to enroll:

  1. Call UnionBank Customer Service at (02) 841 8600
  2. Log-in to your Online Banking account and send us an email with the following details:
    • Subject: UMobile Enrollment
    • Full Name: (as it appears in your account)
    • Email Address:
    • Mobile No.:
    • Phone Brand and Model:
    • Address:
    • Birthday:
    • Your UnionBank Account Number/s: (ex. 109412345678)

I performed the 2nd step which I think is more convenient instead of dialing numbers and talking giving your account information and everything.

It is easier to just login to the Online Account (I used EON) and just put all the details without any hassle. I waited for about 4-5 days before my account was verified through SMS and email so you will not miss it.  They will register your mobile number itself so choose the number that you always use and safest unit in your side.

They will send you a SMS and Email confirmation once your device/mobile enrolment is approved

After that you can download the UMobile Unionbankph Android/iOS app and enter your verified / enrolled UMobile number.

Official Download:






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