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Muvit iGum PVC Back Case iPhone 5 Review

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    I got these Moduvit iGum iPhone 5 case from an online store. With so many to choose, this is the one that caught my attention. because of its good looking and high quality cover. 😀

    Looking at the case, it seems like an ordinary back cover you will find in many stores. But this one is not similar to those cheap ones. The case is a very slim one, about 3mm. It almost looks or feels like your iPhone 5 does not have a cover.


    What amazes me about this casing is that it does not slip in you hands, the texture is similar to rubber but not that rough. It is almost felt like a half rubber half plastic material which is great and not that those cheap plastic texture.

    In terms of sturdiness, because it is very slim, it does not totally protect your iPhone 5 mobile from a high drop fall, especially at the front side. Though it is still a decent cover to protect from a few light bumps.




    Price is really justifiable for its quality, priced at 900 pesos plus. If you want a case that is almost not noticeable and a good grip for your iPhone 5 needs than you will not regret buying this one.

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