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Nokia Lumia 720 Test Drive Review and Experience

  • Lumia-720

    I was given the chance to test the mid end smartphone from Nokia, their Lumia 720. Since this is the first time I will be reviewing a Windows 8 Phone which it is both exciting and challenging as well.

    Here are the specs of the Lumia 720

    SW Platform / OS:  Windows Phone  8
    Main Camera Sensor   6.7 MP
    Display size:    4.3 ”
    Processor name:    Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Dual-core 1 GHz
    RAM: 512 MB
    Internal memory : 8GB
    Expandable memory card type: MicroSD
    Talk time (3G):    13.4 h
    Standby time (3G):    520 h
    Music playback time:    79 h
    SIM card type: Micro SIM

    Lumia 720 Test Drive
    What I like about the phone is its hardware and battery life, you can immediately feel that it is light and durable at first hand with its unibody design which is already known using Nokia handsets. The battery life is amazingly long for a smartphone with its screen size and functions while performing multiple tasks like connecting online and taking videos/pictures.

    The feature that I use the most is the camera,because as a blogger/photoblogger (events, tech and food), I always bring a camera with me and most are mobile device because of its portability and online connectivity which I updated and share the pics through social networks . It takes good image shots in low light conditions and even performed better in some higher end smartphone cameras.

    I did a photo walk around the historical Magellan’s cross and Basilica del Sto Niño church using the Nokia Lumia at night to further test its camera which is the focus of this review.

    Here are some of the shots using the Lumia 720

    Lumia 720 night shots
    Basilica Del Sto Niño Church, Cebu City
    Lumia 720 night shots1
    Basilica Del Sto Niño Church, Cebu City
    Lumia 720 night shots3
    Magellan Cross

    More shots (no edits) in my flickr account here

    Camera works well in low light conditions, even if its camera megapixels is lower than the higher end smartphones, it still delivers that crisp image perfect for sharing photos online. I almost forgot I was using a smartphone instead of a DSLR camera.

    Apps are also available for your social network needs like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and many more in the Windows store. Overall, I fell in love with the device and I wish I could have use it more and review about it with its other apps.The unique live tiles that organizes your applications in a fashionable and cool way, you don’t even need a background photo anymore in your Lumia screen.

    In the past 5 days of using Lumia 720. It has been an amazing experience and mind opening as well, the realization of using Windows Phone 8 for the first time is something that i will always remember. If given the  chance to have one, I will use it and review it more and recommend it to my readers and friends.

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