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ASUS ZenCircle Social Networking Mobile App now Available

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    Make and discover unique creations

    ASUS outs the latest update on the ASUS ZenCircle that is designed for those who love to show their precious moments with their friends through social networking. It only takes 3 easy steps to enjoy ZenCircle, such as special moments, witty remarks and once-in-lifetime events, these are some of the things that inspire amazing creations. Capture them on your mobile. Get creative by applying filters and tags. Then post and share to other social media sites. For more inspiration, see what others create, interact, and follow them too.


    Special features

    · Explore and follow other ZenCircle users.

    · Featured tab shows featured ZenCircle users and their most popular creations.

    · New tab shows latest creations from all ASUS ZenCircle users.

    · Popular tab shows latest creations with the most number of likes.

    · Search Users or Tags to follow based from what they liked.

    · Share your creations on Facebook, LINE, and other social media sites or file-sharing apps.

    · Built-in camera app lets you take photos then apply customizable filter effects.

    · Create amazing photo stories using ASUS PixelMaster Camera and ASUS PhotoCollage.

    · Able to upload photos from Facebook and Google Drive

    Check your Google Playstore to update your ASUS ZenCircle app (v1.1.0.150625)

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