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Best Facebook Tricks And Tips of 2017


Best Facebook Tricks And Tips of 2017 

Facebook Tricks And Tips of 2017 
Facebook is the second most visited website and the biggest social media platform. Most of us spend few minutes to hours on Facebook daily but we only knew some basic things. So learn some New Facebook tricks and tips below to enhance your Facebook experience.

Place Facebook chat on Firefox sidebar.

You can place Facebook chat on any sidebar in Firefox.

Downloading Facebook photo Album

Try Facebook Photo Album Downloader tool to download albums any album available on Facebook with just one click.

Share Photo’s from Flickr to Facebook

Use Flickr2Facebook bookmarking tool to share Flickr photos on Facebook.

Update Facebook without using Fb trick

You can use Ping.fm and hellotxt to update Facebook pages without using Facebook. Tools like hootsuite are also available to manager posts on fb accounts and pages without using Facebook.

Best Facebook Tricks And Tips of 2017 

Schedule your messages

You can use Sendible to schedule your messages to send them later to any friend or colleague.

You can select your friends to show on your profile page
Yes this is another new feature of Facebook. To do this click edit on friends box in your profile. Here you can search your best friends to show their pictures in your friends tab. Select the option “Always show these friends”.
Remove Facebook Ads
You can use GreaseMonkey script to hide all unwanted ads from your Facebook.
Sync Facebook photos to Microsoft Outlook
You can use OutSync to sync all matching contacts profile pictures in Microsoft Outlook and Facebook.
Display Fb status on WordPress Blog
For this you can use widgets in Wp or you can also use Fb Status feed.
How to automatically post your blog posts on Facebook
You can use Wordbook to post your blog post on fb automatically. You can also see another box “Recent Blog posts” in your profile.
How to use fb chat without browser
You can use Gabtastik and digsby to chat freely from your desktop without using browser.
Create your own Quiz
You can create your own quiz on Facebook by using LOLapps. These quizzes are interesting and fun.
Manage who can see you online
Click options then advance settings of chat. You see 3 basic options. You can select those who can see you online and those who can’t. You can also select turn chat off to all accounts.
Use Facebook on your desktop
You can use Facebooker, Facebook Sidebar gadget, Facebook Air application and many more applications are available to use Facebook from desktop application.
Save news feeds for later
You can click on more options on any news feed (video, status, gif or an image) to save them to watch later. You can see them under more tab on fb mobile app.
Tired of Candy crush Requests? Here is a tip for you.
GO to settings > notification setting > click setting for device > app requests and notifications> edit > turn off notifications of the apps one by one. This will now spare you from annoying gaming requests on fb.
Turn Profile pic into animated GIF
This can be done by selecting profile picture and upload video as well. This will create a result somewhat similar to animated gif.
Stay in touch with fb Trends
Facebook show trending topic on facebook under search box in mobile app and on right side bar in desktop.
Instant articles trick
Facebook gives a new feature for iPhone users to read instant articles which loads in fb application. Facebook claims that these articles loads 10 times faster than other articles. This is a good feature for brands.

Best Facebook Tricks And Tips of 2017 

Turn off auto playing videos.
You can turn them off from settings > videos > auto play videos. You can turn of or select the preferred connection as WiFi or cellular for auto playing videos.
See what you did on same day in past
You can read about your same date activity in past by visiting http://ift.tt/1BhtWb8.
Select the preference of posts in news feeds
You can select people and pages to see their posts on top of your news feeds every day. You can do this by settings > more > select people and pages from news feed preference.
View your profile as third person
You have to use browser for this trick. Open your account and click the tab right to activity log. You can select to view profile as public or any friend.
Share posts with only selected people.
You can do it by changing post privacy of the post. This way your posts can only be seen by selected people.
Hide your friend list
You can hide your friend list from other by editing privacy of friend’s box.
Hide your relationship status
Just like status or friend list. You can also change Privacy of your relationship status. You can do this by editing privacy of Family and Relationships tab.
Hide photo/album
You can also hide any specific photo or album from friends, public or specific people by editing its privacy settings.
Block unwanted people
You can block anyone on Facebook by clicking on three dots on right of their profile and select block. Blocking a friend will also kicks him out of your friend list.
You can see active devices you are logged in from
You can see active devices you are logged in from security setting > active sessions. This will show you active and if you want to end any session you can do it by remote logout.
Login approval
You can set up a two step log in approval through security settings. After setting up, fb will send you a code and you need to enter this code to login to any new device.
Get notifications from your special ones
You can activate post notifications of any person by selecting Get notification from drop down menu in your friend list.
Search can be used as a search engine
You can search anything in search tab not just id’s of friends or pages.
Unfollow the ones you don’t want to see in news feeds
Yes rather than kicking them out completely you can unfollow them to kick them out form your news feed.
Create a shared album where friends can contribute
You can create an album or allow friends/public to add photos to album by editing albums and adding them as contributors.
Thanks for your precious time. I hope you found a bunch of tips and tricks to improve you Facebook experience. Don’t forget to comment. Share is caring.  
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