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How To Remove Shortcut Virus

How to Remove Shortcut Virus is One of the most Common Question asked among the PC users, once in a life time we all have experienced it. Shortcut Virus, is a new modern virus that automatically without knowing to the user enters into the PC/USB/SD Card and convert all of your content into a shortcut. In fact, it has become so common that people often overlooked and underestimated. At first it seems that nothing to worry about happened. After all, it is only a shortcut file.

But it begins to deteriorate, while the days begin to past virus starts to link between to find almost all your files, folders and drives, and convert them to shortcut even it can permentantly damage it the links are, indicating that the virus also spreads abbreviation.

The virus link once entered, try to conquer all the files on the device.As the virus enters to computer it starts to infect each and every device which are connected to it, like if you connect your smartphone or digital camera to your infected pc then all the data inside it truns into shortcut and that data no more accessed by you on devices. Therefore, the best way quickly to take preventive measures soon detected.


No definitions of Wiki as such; But, as the name suggests, a shortcut is a virus (malware), who hides the original files in the abbreviations (indise shortcuts).

The way the file is hidden remains unknown, although the effect is clearly visible. The original files are available on the disc itself, but in such a position that can not recognize or take it out (in the advanced stage).

First, your files it will not damage your data, but later your data  can be damage or even have all data will be deleted; It depends on the type of binding of the virus.

Thus, removing the shortcut  virus is very importent to restore your essential data.

While the virus stays on new devices or connects, it starts with every connected device multiply and spread!


Have you ever asked where you link the virus to your PC or removable drive?

These are the reasons why your hard drive suffers from viral link:

  • You have a reliable third-party executable (.exe) file that has had the virus.
  • You have the USB flash drive connected someone malicious who spreads the virus on your PC from which you entered your USB when connected.
  • You have a removable training person connected to the computer with the virus link, from which it spread to your PC.

How to Remove Shortcut Virus From PC/Laptop/pen drive?

I told you, to take rapid preventive measure, as soon as you find, right? You must have tried to scan your removable media with antivirus, but by doing so didn’t got scusses, right? So, what exactly is you need to do? To solve your problem here  are the 7 methods  to Remove Shortcut Virus from your PC.


HFV Cleaner Pro is a free tool which i found very useful to eliminate shortcut virus from your favourite devices.Follow the steps to use it:

Step 1: Download HFV Cleaner Pro.

Step 2: Connect your infected USB Drive/ Hard Drive.

Step 3: Open HFV.

Step 4: Select your USB Drive from Browse menu.

Step 5: Pick the “Folder and Subfolders” option, followed by  clicking on Delete Virus. Wait for some moment.
That’s it your  all files will be in a folder named recovered inside your USB drive.


Winrar is an application which is generally used for .rar files, this funcationality makes him special.As I’ve told earlier, shortcut virus gets executed as you open the removable device and then disaster happens.Opening removable drive with winrar any kind of malware or Trojans are not executed and hence, you’ll  able to retrieve all your files back in the WinRAR interface.

Step 1: Download WinRAR application.

Step 2: Open the winrar and browse to infected drive.

Step 3: Select all the required data, right click->Add Files to Archive and give a name like Backup.rar.

Step 4: Open My Computer browse to your infected drive there you will see the Backup.rar file, and that is your data in archived form copy it to your computer. Format your infected drive.


UsbFix is a free malware removal tool that will help you to detect and remove shortcut virus.It is able to scan infected  removable devices,Pen Drives, USB’s external HDD’s, smartphones, digital cameras, etc.

Step 1: Download UsbFix

Step 2: Connect your infected removable device.

Step 3: Run UsbFix.

Step 4: Click on Deletion, wait untill the process finishes.


If the shortcut viruses enters in PC it is difficult to use. And it is difficult to remove it, it starts to damage all the files and folders and create the shortcut of your files. At that time CMD is a great tool to use.

Step 1: Connect your infected USB Device.

Step 2: Open CMD (Command Prompt) by following Start Menu–>Run and type CMD in that and hit Enter.

Step 3: Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.* in CMD.

Step 4: After writing above command press enter.

Note : Change the E letter of the code to your Pen Drive’s letter. E was just an assumption (for the above example.)


JRR(Junk Registery Remover) is CMD application which efficently removes all the junk or broken registeries from the PC.

Step 1: Download JRR.

Step 2: Then, Press any key.

Step 3: Wait till the Scan completes.


As we know shortcut virus once enters, it spread quickly and start to damage.Sometimes it also affect the registry, so this method will help you to identify the virus in the registry files.

Step 1: Open Run dialog box by following Start Menu–>Run

Step 2: Type regedit, this will open the Registry Editor/

Step 3: Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Run. Here look for registry key named odwcamszas, and Delete it.

Note: If not found, skip this step.


Alternate way Shortcut Virus gets perilous when it begins increasing on your PC making easy routes everywhere.It can even go to the the C: Drive of your PC and you don’t want that to happen, right?

To prevent it, here’s the solution:

Here’s a VBScript File coded to scan all infected drives, find out the virus and delete it.
And all these things are done within seconds.

Actually, a VBScript is a Visual Basic Script that commands the PC to do certain programmed tasks according to the script. In this case, it is directed to remove shortcut virus completely from your system.

So, it’s not a application. It’s just a script. The code for removing shortcut virus is already precoded, all you need to do is, download the script from below link, run it. It’ll automatically start getting things done all alone.

Download Link : VBScript

A dialog box will fly up, requesting you to click OK and again vanish for some moments, appear again. The same procedure for about 4-5 times.

So, all you need to is, run the script and Bingo!

Here I want to share some of the prevention steps to get rid of Viruses as we know “Prevention is better than cure”. Here we go:

Step 1: Don’t open your removable devices using autoplay dialog box.

Step 2: Don’t Open your removable devices with double clicking on it, use the exploler option (right click on removable device and select Explorer) in this way the virus program will not be executed.

Step 3: Always Scan removable devices with USB Guard before opening them, it is a free application that scan external devices better than most of the antivirus avialable.

Download Link : USB Guard

Remember the prevention techniques and make an habit of these techniques for preventing the virus from your PC.

Hope the above methods helped you to remove the virus If you have any querries about any of the methods feel free to ask in comment section.

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