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ASUS CEO says New ZenFone 4 may be delayed


The new generation of ASUS ZenFone 4 series will be delayed until June and July, but ASUS CEO Jerry Shen said that in the first quarter of 2017 there are three new smartphones for live streaming, Camera and AR. “I believe this year the overall situation will be better than last year, I also expected profit from smartphone market this year” said Jerry.

He said that in addition to test ZenFone 3 Go in 30 live software and confirmed ZenFone 3 Go can achieve beauty effect, while the microphone function has also been strengthened. 

ASUS introduce ZenFone 3 Go In order to catch the popularity of live streaming. Jerry Shen also recommended internal colleagues, ZenFone 3 Go should be released as soon as possible next week, and he also revealed that the price of this phone will be 5,000 NT or 162.39 US $

In addition to Zenfone 3 Go and Zenfone 3 Zoom, There is ZenFone AR which supports Google Tango and Daydream, and expected to be available in the first quarter of this year. He is also optimistic about this AR mobile phone industry leading at least 3 months to half a year. However, this new machine specifications are higher, the price is set in the high-end section.
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