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Udemy – Learn Network Hacking From Scratch (WiFi & Wired)


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Course Description

This course was last updated on 29/12/2016

Welcome to my extensive course on Network Hacking! In this course, you will begin as a learner with no past information about entrance testing or hacking.

This course is centered around the down to earth side of entrance testing without dismissing the hypothesis behind each assault. Before hopping into entrance testing, you will first figure out how to set up a lab and introduce required programming to practice infiltration testing all alone machine. Every one of the assaults clarified in this course are propelled against genuine gadgets in my lab.

The course is organized in a way that will take you through the essentials of linux, PC frameworks, systems and how gadgets speak with each other, then you will figure out how to adventure this technique for correspondence to do various intense assaults.. This course will take you from an apprentice to a more propelled level.

The Course is Divided into three primary areas:

  • Pre-association: in this segment despite everything we don’t know much about infiltration testing , the sum total of what we have is a PC and a remote card associated with it, you will figure out how to begin gathering data utilizing your wi-fi card and you will take in various assaults that you can dispatch without the need to know the secret key, for example, controlling every one of the associations around you (ie: deny/permit any gadget from interfacing with any system), you will likewise figure out how to make a fake get to indicate pull in clients to interface with it and catch any imperative data they enter, for example, usernames and passwords. 
  • Obtaining entrance: Now that you have assembled data about every one of the systems around you, and discovered your objective, you will figure out how to break the key that the objective employments. In this area you will take in various strategies to break WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption. 
  • Post Connection: Now you have the way to your objective system and you can associate with it. in this segment you will take in various capable assaults that you can dispatch against the system and the associated customers, these assaults will permit you to access any record got to by any customer associated with your system, read all the activity utilized by these customers (pictures , recordings , sound passwords …and so forth), and increase full control over any customer in your system . After that you will figure out how to distinguish these assaults and secure yourself and your system against them. 

Every one of the assaults in this course are commonsense assaults that conflict with any remote empowered gadget , ie: it doesn’t make a difference if the gadget is a telephone , tablet portable PC …and so forth. These assaults additionally conflict with every working framework (Windows, OSX, Linux IOS, Android …ect.). Each assault is clarified basically first with the goal that you see how it really functions, so first you will take in the hypothesis behind each assault and afterward you will figure out how to complete the assault utilizing Kali Linux.

Take note of: All the recordings in this course are downloadable.

Take note of: This course is absolutely a result of Zaid Sabih and No other association is related for accreditation exam for the same. In spite of the fact that, you will get Course Completion Certification from Udemy, aside from that No OTHER ORGANIZATION IS INVOLVED.

Who is the intended interest group?

  • Anyone who is occupied with finding out about system entrance testing 
  • Anyone intrigued into figuring out how to shield systems from programmers

What Will I Learn?

Curriculum For This Course

About the Instructor

Ethical Hacker, Pentester and Computer Scientist 
My name is Zaid Al-Quraishi , I am a moral programmer, pentester and a PC researcher. I simply adore hacking and breaking the standards, yet don’t misunderstand me as I said I am a moral programmer. 
I have a decent involvement in moral hacking. I began making video instructional exercises since 2009 in a moral hacking site (iSecuri1ty), I got great input for my instructional exercises which prompt to advancing me as a supervisor in the site. I likewise work in the entrance testing group of iSecur1ty. 
In 2013 I began showing my first course online in the preparation focus in iSecur1ty, again this course got stunning input for learners, which inspired me to make an English form of this course. 
The english course was the most well known and the top paid course in Udemy for very nearly a year, again the criticism was stunning, along these lines I chose to make more courses on moral hacking, so I discharged various different courses which are doing similarly in the same class as that one. 
My strategy for instructing is generally by illustration, so I ordinarily begin by clarifying the hypothesis behind every method, then I demonstrate to you how it really functions in a genuine circumstance.

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