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Why Virtual Reality Online Casinos Are the Way of the Future

Why VR Online Casinos Are the Way of the Future
Why VR Online Casinos Are the Way of the Future

You can look forward to a greater level of immersion thanks to the innovations of Virtual Reality casinos. VR games are already here for your enjoyment.

Massive Growth in the Popularity of VR Online Casinos

When you or I hear the word casino, the image that comes to mind is a glittering room filled with flashing lights, multiple tables where exciting games are taking place, and banks of slots machines. And, although the world of internet-based casinos is great in terms of convenience to help us slot (excuse the pun) some play time into our busy lives, the real atmosphere is tough to forego. 
Enter Virtual Reality, or VR, casinos. These casinos aim to enhance the online gambling experience, and effectively bring the entire adventure right to you, by replicating the various sights and sounds a land-based casino is able to deliver. 

Great Developments in VR Gambling

2016 was a good year for VR, thanks to the release of a range of first rate gaming gear. These include the Oculus Rift from Facebook, the Stream VR from Valve, the Vive from HTC and Sony’s PlayStation VR. This has set in motion an entirely new wave of play, and iGaming developers have stepped up to the plate, determined to supply the new demand. 

How Virtual Reality Online Casinos Work

The graphics that Virtual Reality casino games work on produce hi-res imagery at a far elevated frame-rate than regular video games. Essentially, this allows latency to be minimised, and so, when you move your head and your field of vision changes, no lag will be experienced. 
Thanks to the advances in the Virtual Reality software and hardware, VR online casinos can offer you much more than simulated interfaces, and will transport you right onto the casino floor. When you use a VR headset alongside your Virtual Reality iGambling platform, you can look forward to a realistic, interactive experience that allows you to engage with other players in real time. 

Features of Virtual Reality Casinos 

  • Full casino game rooms that you can walk through and discover in totally immersive 3D
  • Realistic slots games.
  • 3D table games that allow you to choose where to sit, interact with the live dealer and engage with the other players. 
  • The ability to exhibit hand and body gestures, and easily observe those of the players around you.
  • Realistic casino sounds, with some even offering a 3D spatial aspect.

Virtual Reality Casinos Change the Face of Gaming

Virtual Reality technology is currently available at SlotsMillion: the first casino of its kind. Games are available in both demo and real money versions, for both VR and 3D enjoyment. 
There are already 40 Virtual Reality games available, including sensations from:
  • Net Entertainment: Starburst, Jack Hammer, and Gonzo’s Quest
  • Quickspin: Big Bad Wolf
  • NextGen: Gorilla Go Wild
  • Play’n Go: Tower Quest
Thanks to the unprecedented success of this VR casino it’s easy to see why so many others are following suite.

The Future of VR Online Gambling

The introduction of VR is without a doubt the most important innovation the market has seen, and, although it will take some time for its potential to be fulfilled, it is already reaching a point where it is a more than viable industry option. The fact that gambling operators can now provide this level of immersion, and thus offer such increased depth of engagement is a game-changer, and definitely where the future of online gambling is headed. 
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