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How to Use Music Stands


A music stand is a pedestal or elevated rack designed to hold a paper score or sheets of music in position for reading.[1] Most music stands for orchestral, chamber music or solo orchestra-family instruments (violin, oboe, trumpet, etc.) can be raised or lowered to accommodate seated or standing performers or performers of different heights.

So what is the appropriate height at which a music stand should be adjusted? Though this could vary from person to person, here are some suggestions.
Here’s how to be comfortable using a stand.

– Adjust the stand to the desired height to suit your style of playing
– Most stands also lets you adjust the tilt/angle of the main plate, so make use of that feature
– Don’t place the stand such that it blocks your view of other musicians, or the audience.
– In case the stand is not height-adjustable, you may have to use a bench/stool of the right height.
– Always carry a stand light to the venue, so that there’s enough light for you to read the sheet music / lyrics. de

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