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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Can it get even Better?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Leaks, Reports and Pretty Much Everything about it!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

In late 2016, Samsung had introduced a critically praised smartphone which seemed to do everything right. After a few weeks the phones started catching fire. Samsung recalled and replaced them, but the replaced ones too, started catching fire. Samsung therefore had to stop the production of the Galaxy Note 7. 
It was, and even now, one of the best phones ever made, (not considering the battery problem) that you can buy. To me, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the best looking phone Samsung had ever introduced. Heck, I find its looks even slightly better than the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, mainly because of Samsung's decision to omit the signature physical home key in hunt for a "bezel-less Infinity" Display (but that is just my opinion).

This time, fans are looking forward to the Note 8, which is not yet released by Samsung and it is code-named Great.

As a pretty big Note fan, I am excited about how Samsung's next Note will be. Without further ado let me show you what it may offer this time around.

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