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Eve V Laptop Review: Should You Buy It?

Eve V Laptop Review

Eve V Review: Just How Good Is It

Eve V Laptop Review

Eve is this really small startup that was founded to be like a disruptive device maker with an emphasis on community feedback to help them design the best products for their community. And not a bad idea. 

The Eve V 2 in 1 device that they are showing off at Computex 2017, has the ability to filter through the guidance offered by their users. The end result is a pretty great device which not just looks good, but also performs quite well. 

The response received by the company was really positive, with 500 units being sold in the first 3 hours of its campaign. Eve tech also attracted attention from the Finnish government, Intel and Microsoft. With its main competitor being the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, there is a lot in stake for the Eve V. 

The Eve V pretty much seems like a Surface Pro 4 with two USB Type-C ports. But can it hold its own from the Surface Pro 4 or is it even better? That's what I am going to show!

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