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Its time to earn some free gifts, So we are here with a website name GOKANO. This website which gives you free gifts. Friends, Free gifts wow how amazing this is means you don’t have to spend money or we can say that it is a free purchase, but hold on to get free gifts we must collect some GN points. It’s not too hard to collect on gokano its very simple. Gifts are divided in three category. So hurry up guys join now. I will tell you the whole procedure. So here we start …

  1. Click on this link http://ift.tt/2sCWrX4It will directly take you to the registration page.
  2. After clicking on the link you will see a registration form, fill the form and solve the captcha.
  3. After this you will get a message on your gmail account to verify your gokano account click on that, Now your account is active.

Now we have successfully joined gokano in just three steps. Now the main thing is how to collect points.


  • You are on dashboard on the top you will see some options click on mission.
  • After that you will see this.
  • Click on daily mission. And there you have to choose anyone option and submit. Don’t bother about the option, Choose any. You will daily get 1GN point by this.
  • Now come to social mission we have to complete all the given task each task which will give 2GN points.
  • After completing that you will see fast mission and extra mission I haven t earned any GN points by this because all the mission had been expired. 
  • By referring your friend or any person you can earn GN points it gives 1 GN point for one referral after 30 referrals your GN points going to be doubled means if you collect daily points that will be going to be doubled
  • Then you can earn GN points by watching video on the player option it will give 4GN points.
  • Gokano gives daily GN points,for that go on dashboard on the right side there is one option get daily GN points click on that.

Now coming to the OFFER option, it provides us GN and VP points. We can exchange VP points with our gifts.
Click on the offers and complete it you will get points for that 

Now coming to the most interesting part that is gift. This part is divided among three categories:




We can redeem our GN and VP points and can get free gifts only when it will get restock.  Don’t panic about the restock, on the dashboard it will give you information before the restock. Little bit work and patience and you will get amazing gifts from this site.  

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