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How To Buy/Select A Good Memory Card (MMC/SD) [Guide to Memory Cards]

Memory cards(MMC) and sd card(SD) are most wanted one in the camera and mobile phones. s per the capacity , we re using different size of memory cards in our camera phones etc.here we can see dozens of companies are selling their memory cards now in cheaper in the market.
But it is essential for us to know about all sized memory cards, capacities and speed, which means that we can choose according to our needs.

Now Lets take look, how we select good memory card

Speed ​​of Memory Card is a very important factor.
The data will be transmitted to the memory card, recording photos and videos are based on memory card’s speed. Memory cards are not all of the same speed. choice is based on ourown demand

How to know speed

Speed ​​identifies the ‘class’ of the following codes.

Memory Cards are available in Classes 2, 4, 6 and 10 and Ultra Speed.
Class 2 cards are not commonly used at this time. because it has only very low data transfer speeds

Memory Cards in the Smartphone

Memory cards that are common in smartphone and digital cameras,

“times new roman” , serif; font-size: large;”>its deliver speeds like Class 4, Class 6 & Class 10 cards also support some high-end phones.See Specs Of your Phones to know which type of memory cards are supporting your device

Record high resolution videos:

At the same time, if you use DSLR cameras that record 4K, HDR, and record HDR videos, you can buy ultra speed cards. The range of cards is U1 and U3.

The memory cards are available in the market for two major sizes. Micro SD, Standard SD card. microSD for smartphones and Standard SD for cameras.

Be careful to use the Adapter:

Micro SD cards can be operated on the SLR/Camera with adapter, but this will cause the card to be easily damaged. Also avoid using two cards using the same card adapter.

SD Card Capacity:

SD card capacity is not just the card’s storage space. We can buy a storage space card that supports our device.
Cards are available for different use
Daily use, Lasting use etc. SDHC card is sufficient for everyday use for normal purposes.

Safely Save Data:

You can use SDXC cards with capacity to secure data securely. They are available in Class 10, U1 and U3. its Price too much.

The most Capacitive SD card in the world:

The California-based Microscope has introduced the new 512GB Extra Elite Micro SDXC UHSII Card.
Currently its the most Capacitive SD card in the world. The SDXC 4.0 standard is used on the card. Data transfer rate up to 300Mbps.

The price is about 63800 rupees.

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