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Millions of Android Users Infected with Xavier Malware


More than 800 Android Apps in the Google Play Store are infected by Xavier Malware

Google Play seems to be getting hit by malware, one after another. And the recent news-maker is the Xavier malware.

According to the warning issued by the Global Cyber-Security firm “Trend Micro”, more than 800 apps in the Google Play Store were infected by the Xavier malware that had reached thousands of Android users till date.

Trend Micro stated “These applications range from utility apps like Photo manipulators to wallpaper and ringtone changers.”

Using data from its “Mobile App Reputation Service” Trend Micro found that the Xavier malware steals and leaks user data. This is difficult to detect as it employs methods like string encryption, internet data encryption and emulator to prevent being detected and thus protects itself.

What may shock you even more is that the malware is capable of downloading and executing other malicious codes from a remote server.

According to Nilesh Jain, the country manager of Trend Micro (India and SAARC) it is best not to download apps from unknown sources even if it is from a legitimate app store like Google Play.

Micro Trend also issued a statement that they provided multiple layered security which helps you avoid these malwares, which otherwise steal your information and leaves your device vulnerable.

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