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How To Check Blog Loading Speed

How to check blog loading speed – how to test blog speed. Testing the speed of templates on this blog is very important and very easy to check how fast people can see the speed of loading your blog. Visitors will definitely think if blog speed when accessed long then visitors will leave your blog because it will eat a decent kouta.

How to see the speed of loading the blog is very easy, you will easily understand how you can check your blog loading speed, if you want to see how the following is how to see the speed of blogs:

1. first you go into applications like google chrome operamini, firefox and others
2. you can directly copy this link https://gtmetrix.com or it could also Click Here

3. you will be referred to the page as below

4. Please change writing navastechs.com you replace with your blog URL
5. You can click Analyze
6. You will find results like this

Speed up blog loading

1. try to remove the Widgets that are not important
2. Do not multiply widgets will aggravate the performance of loading blog

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