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How To Install Disqus Comments On Blog

How to put disqus comments on blog – Opportunity at this time I will discuss about how to make or put disqus comments on your blog have lot of blogger in era now put disqus comments in blog maybe because appearance very interesting diqus comment very effective.

About disqus this time I will give a little understanding disqus is a comment system services in the net of the virtual world is usually in use by the bloggers and website makers, wordpress and others – others.

Then how to make it? Make it very easy and not complicated, just follow the tutorial below and read it carefully

If you do not have a disqus account you can make it on disqus.com

The trick is very easy you just click the Get started button as already in circle see arrow below

And you will enter the menu as below you fill data data according to your identity

If you guys Click singup 

If you can already click Get Started like arrows in the show

If there are going to be 2 first choice i want to comment on sites second i want to install disqus on my site you click on that 2nd arrow arrow below

If you have the contents of your blogger link data and you click created

If you can choose to wordpress website or blog because this tutorial is made for blog I will click blog

And you will add widgets

And as a result my blog while using disqus comments

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