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Best Features and Use of Forex Signals, Analysis & News Android App.

Forex Signals, News, and Analysis is a stupendous app in the field of Forex which analyzes the charts of various currencies like EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, AUD/USD and much more. It is really such an app which provides you with signals which will help you in making some crucial decisions in the Foreign exchange market. It supports various languages like English, Spanish, Italic, and Arabic. It will continuously update you so that you can be updated every moment and you don’t need to spend time sitting next to idiot box. 

Features provided by Forex Signals, News and Analysis app:

1. FX Academy: It is an inbuilt feature within the app in which you are going to learn about trading strategies which can increase your expertise in the field of Forex. You should view videos provided in FX Academy which will increase gray matter about Forex in you. 

2. Forecast: Different monthly and weekly Forecast are provided to you by the app. It is generally for major currencies. You should see these forecasts so that you can analyze what your next move should be in order to gain the maximum you can.

3. Weekly Recap: In case if you have missed trading last week and you don’t have a single idea what had happened in last week. Don’t worry, you can view weekly recap so that you can have a better idea of investing in this week.

4. Articles:
Different articles about trading strategies, psychology and risk management are publishes on this app. These articles are must for those who want to build better understanding in Forex.

5. Push Messages:
These are really good as if you are not online and suddenly some breaking news came. So, with the help of Push Message you will be receiving the message on your phone and also you will also be receiving time sensitive news.

6. Forex News and Calendar: This calendar will provide you with coverage of the most traded pairs. It is 24-hour active service. In it, expert’s analysis and forecast are also there. 

7. Forex Technical Analysis: In it, many professional traders are sitting behind and working every minute to provide us the technical analysis of the trade which is happening. It will tell you all the facts and figures which you need to remember in order to gain maximum profits.

8. Forex Fundamental analysis: Along with technical analysis some fundamental analysis is required to make people understand that how they should invest in order to gain maximum bucks they can. This will make people more technically sound in Forex. Isn’t it exciting? Yes it is!

9. Forex Signals:
These are the best part of the app which people like the most. These signals are really reliable and people can earn really good bucks with the help of these signals. When you click on the signal it will automatically be implemented in your device.


What are actually Forex Signals?

Forex Signals are basically suggestions which can increase your profits if you will implement that signal. This app is basically expert in providing optimum signals. It is run by some expats who continuously do fundamental and technical analysis and then decide these signals. These signals are there in various currencies so that you can actually find out when you have to purchase some currency and when you have to sell. Its signals are short and very easy to understand as their one and only motive is to earn profits. This is the reason that 65% of the signals when people implement always benefit them. The app also sends these signals through SMS and email in case you are offline in the app. These SMS are basically sent in London business hours as that is the crucial time to earn profits. So, really this app is very useful for those who want to do successful trading in Forex.

Packages to be availed:

When you want to take Premium Packages in order to, unlock locked signals and News Analysis. You need to take some subscription and then only you will be able to see those signals and analysis. There are three subscriptions available. One in which you will be getting 3 signals and Technical Analysis for one month. For this, you have to pay 23$. While another subscription is also there in which you can take the same services mentioned above yearly in 49$. The last one if getting Analysis and unlimited signals and for this, you have to pay 49$ per month. You can decide the subscription according to your budget and requirements.


So, we have looked at the features of the app. The app is a must in the field of Forex and for the ones who are beginners. You can learn through FX Academy and articles. Soon one day you will also become expert and be a master. All the best!!

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