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How to Capture RAW Photos from ASUS ZenFone


ZenFone 3 Zoom/ZenFone Zoom S supports RAW, allowing you to shoot and browse RAW files right on your phone. Unlike the commonly-used JPG which undergoes post processing and compression, RAW is an untreated, uncompressed file that saves the complete data captured by the camera’s sensor such as white balance, exposure value, color contrast, and others. This allows the photographer to have a much greater flexibility to edit. Today ZenFoneblog will teach you How to shoot RAW images directly from your ZenFone 3 Zoom/Zoom S.

How to Setting RAW Output:

  1. Go to Camera and select manual mode by pressing 
  2. Click Manual Mode

  3. Go to Manual mode settings by pressing gear icon
  4. Tick “Save RAW file” on

  5. Done, Now you can Capture RAW image with manual mode.

Don’t forget to activate RAW file display on ASUS Gallery so your captured images will be show on ASUS Gallery.

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