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How to install iOS in Android completely

so guys its very easy to

install iOS in almost all Android 

devices and you can use all iOS or iPhone features which are iOS in your android mobile

There is a very simple way to install #iOS in #AAndroid.

First of all you will need to download the zip file for your mobile and for that

You have to search on Google (Device name iOS file Download)


after installing the file it will ask you for restart so without any hesitation start your device, ND THEN AFTER SOME TIME YOU WILL SEE THE BRAND APPLE LOGO ON SCREEN

after that wait untill it setup itself and then use the Complete iOS experience in your android

after that you can make calls, capture photos, video calls, video recording, internet, Wifi, bluetooth, everything you need


Changing Android to iOS not completly changes your device to iPhone or iOS, but only provides Complete UI and not complete iOS means operating system so you will see again Google playstore instead of Apple Inc. appstore

and also This is a Single SIMCARD ROM


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