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ClassDojo Toolkit


ClassDojo the free positive reinforcement/digital portfolio tool that educators everywhere are using, just released their digital “Toolkit”.  This toolkit includes 8 tools that will allow educators to communicate w/ parents, create portfolios, and much much more.

ClassDojo’s Toolkit will include:

  1. Music – create a classroom soundtrack
  2. Group Maker – randomly generate student groups
  3. Random – a easy way to select a student at random
  4. Think Pair Share – create a question and have students answer them in pairs
  5. Noise Meter – gauge how loud or quiet a classroom is being
  6. Directions – share directions right to a student’s phone
  7. Timer – one tap timer for all classroom needs
  8. Today – great way to start the day by projecting morning announcements, activities, and more
For more info on ClassDojo’s Toolkit click here.
*ClassDojo is an advertiser of Technology Tidbits.
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