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ZenUI 4.0:Clone your Apps with Twin Apps


Twin Apps is a new ZenUI application that allows one device to simultaneously log into two different accounts of the same social media or gaming platform. For example, if you have two accounts on Facebook, WeChat, or other social media or gaming platforms, you can create a copy of the app and log in with your second account within that same platform.

    Before you activate the function of clone apps, you must allow Twin Apps to access your Storage.

    1. Launch Settings > ASUS customized settings >Twin Apps.

    2. Tap Settings > Permissions, then turn on Storage.

    To clone an app:
    1. Launch Settings > ASUS customized settings > Twin Apps.

    2. Select the apps that you want to clone by moving its slider to the right; then a pop-up notification appears which requires you to wait for a few seconds. (Note: A  badge appears on the cloned app icon and it means this app has been cloned.)

    3. Some apps may ask for permission to access the files in your device. When such pop-up dialog appears, tap Allow.

    4. Go to the All Apps screen to check all your cloned apps.

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