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How to Fix ZenFone Duplicate Contacts


Common problems and troubleshooting solutions for ZenFone running Android 7. Contact A’s phone number appears in Contact B, Duplicate contacts displayed on My Contacts list, and Unable to search specific contacts.

  • Solution1: Remove your Google account from your device then add it again.
  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Google, then tap your account.
  2. Tap    > Remove Account

  3. Tap Remove account to confirm.

    • Solution2: Separate all links in ZenUI Dialer & Contacts app.

    1. Launch Phone then tap   .
    2. Tap   > Manage contacts > Linked contacts then tap Separate all.

        • Solution3: Move the SIM card to the other SIM card slot, then put it back in its original SIM card slot.
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