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Augmented Reality Combat Robot “MekaMon” Operated via Smartphone


The rapid development of augmented reality technology spawned a new category of hybrid games that melted the physical and digital world. Race genre fans can glance at Anki Overdrive, but those who prefer a fierce battle between robots can glance at MekaMon.

Developed by Reach Robotics, MekaMon cursory looks like a Protoss-owned Dragoon unit in the StarCraft franchise. The four legs can move with a lively like a spider. MekaMon can even turn upside down, all with a very realistic impression of movement.

Once connected via Bluetooth, MekaMon can be operated using smartphone applications. You are free to choose to fight against AI in the arena of augmented reality or against other MekaMon. At the same time, there is also a co-op mode to quell AI strikes with other players.

MekaMon utilizes four infrared sensors to accurately detect its opponents. This infrared signal is MekaMon’s way of communicating with each other, so that if one robot fires its weapon and gets hit, its opposing robot will react in pain at the right point.

Element AR is a very interesting touch on MekaMon. Various objects such as tables or chairs that exist in the room can be detected by MekaMon, and can be used to shelter from enemy attacks. That way, players can basically create their own battle arena.

Modularity is another aspect of MekaMon’s favored. Consumers will be able to upgrade their robots each with a number of accessories, new weaponry or better protection, without having to buy a new robot. Comes in two color variants, MekaMon has dimensions of 30 x 30 x 15 cm, with a weight of 1 kilogram.

After developing MekaMon for four years and creating more than 27 prototypes, Reach Robotics is finally ready to market widely from November 16 for $ 300. The standard package already includes weapon components and basic protection.

Source: VentureBeat and The Verge(dailysocial.id).

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