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iOS 11.1.2 Released to Fix Less Responsive iPhone X Screen


After a few days of reports that the iPhone X screen suddenly unresponsive and heavy when the weather suddenly cold, Apple promises improvements in the near future. Now the repair has been officially released in the form of software update iOS 11.1.2.

Although this update is mostly intended to fix display problems and distortions Live Photo and Video on iPhone X, but this iOS 11.1.2 update can be downloaded on all iOS devices that support iOS 11.

I personally still not really feel the benefits of this update because it is updating iOS this time focus to fix the problem of iPhone X only. For those of you who already have iPhone X, hunt your iPhone X update to iOS 11.1.2.

Naturally if there is no major change because this update is a minor update only. The next big upcoming update is iOS 11.2 which will bring a lot of system improvements and improvements.

How, has iOS 11.1.2 update download this? If not please just check Settings> General> and Software Update.

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