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iPad Pro 2018 Will Use A11X Octa-Core Processor


Lately rumors about the iPad Pro to be released in 2018 to come more and more. Starting from the rumor iPad Pro design that will carry the design like the iPhone X, now iPad Pro 2018 is rumored to be using high-speed A11X Octa-Core processor chips.

Quoted from the MacRumors site, rumors mention Apple that Apple will use A11X Bionic processor chip with the number of cores up to 8, aka Octa-Core. The chip will be made by TSMC, and will use 7nm processor technology.

A11 processor chips that will be present in the iPad Pro 2018 will be similar to the existing processor in the iPhone X, which consists of three cores with high performance codename “Monsoon” and the other is a core with efficient performance in the use of power codenamed “Mistral” .

In addition, iPad Pro 2018 also reported will bring Face ID face recognition technology similar to the iPhone X. If true, then it could be A11X Bionic processor on the iPad Pro 2018 will also be integrated also with co-processor M11 and Neural Engine. The co-processor is the part that is specifically assigned to process various artificial intelligence tasks, such as performing face recognition process.

iPad Pro can nowadays is a very good tablet for business specifications. Moreover, if true Apple will soon use the processor octa core, then Apple is definitely very ambitious in the development of this one product iPad Pro.

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