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ZEISS Batis 2.8 / 135, Reliable Lens for Mirrorless Fullframe Sony


For those of you who are considering a telephoto lens for the full frame Sony mirrorless camera you are using, this new lens from ZEISS could be the best choice. This is the new medium-era telephoto lens. Many things that open the opportunity to create the maximum through this lens.

Long focal length, fast autofocus, optical image stabilization are the advantages of this product. With accurate and effective correction facilities to overcome chromatic aberrations, ZEISS Batis 2.8 / 135 is a high performance telephoto lens using Apo Sonnar design. This lens can be used as an optimal solution for medium distance portrait photography.

Advanced Correction of Apo Sonnar lens design ensures the photo subject recording looks realistic. To reduce shocks while hand-held shooting, optical stabilizer integrated in the lens design will maintain the stability of the camera and ensure the photo remains sharp. Rapid and precise autofocus is also a guarantee to get photos sharp, even in a difficult light. The narrow sharp space at the maximum aperture opening (F2.8) opens your chance to create a slick photo with a combination of creative focus and blur, allowing a more prominent object with a blurry background and a slick bokeh.

ZEISS Batis is a special autofocus lens developed for Sony’s full-frame mirrorless camera. This lens that is compatible with all E-mount cameras offers protection against dust and weather. In addition, this lens also has a fast autofocus and quiet. Not noisy. Uniquely, this lens is equipped with an innovative OLED display in the body, to show the focus and depth of distance to ensure that the focus range is always perfectly controlled. The result, a picture that will amaze you. This completely new design in the ZEISS family with high speed offers perfect picture quality.

Main features of ZEISS Batis 2.8 / 135

Optical image stabilization
Stabilizing optical images gives you crisp and stable images in low light conditions. Combined with OIS camera itself, this gives you the benefits of both systems. In addition, this feature also allows perfect images without noise, because the ISO value should not be upgraded to compensate for minimal light conditions.

Reliable smooth autofocus
To take pictures, accurate autofocus pointing is necessary in a reliable autofocus system. ZEISS lens focus system is designed to ensure robust and smooth autofocus mechanism with the best imaging performance.

A versatile full-frame lens
Strong lens for Sony’s full-frame mirrorless system that meets the highest requirements. Despite having a compact design, the image meets the expectations of professional photographers.

Strong and weatherproof  Contruction
Thanks to features designed to prevent dust and water spray, this lens is perfect for critical outdoor conditions. It is also designed for intensive use for many years.

Innovative OLED display
For the first time, you can accurately read focal distances and field depths simply and intuitively on the OLED display of the lens. This info remains easily visible in low light conditions.

Design lens
ZEISS Batis 2.8 / 135 is a lens developed by Dr. Ludwig Bertele at ZEISS in 1930. At that time it was one of the fastest fastest lenses for 35mm photography, with a hole equal to 1: 1.5 and high contrast thanks to effective slack reduction of light. High speed and high contrast help give the lens its name, which comes from the word “sun,” the symbol of maximum brightness. You continue to find the benefits mentioned above with modern lenses in the normal range and distance of telephoto whose optical design is based on this basic type.

Specification ZEISS Batis 2.8 / 135

  •     135 mm focal length
  •     Range of aperture f / 2.8 – f / 22
  •     Mount kameta Sony E-Mount *
  •     Full Frame Format
  •     Distance of 0.87 m (2.9 ft) – ∞
  •     Construction 14 elements / 11 groups
  •     Flange focal distance 18 mm (0.71 “)
  •     Image Stabilization
  •     Filter size M67 x 0.75
  •     Lens length (without lens cap) 120 mm
  •     Weight 614 g

Photo gallery of ZEISS Batis 2.8 / 135 lens shots

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