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Fix iPhone lightning cable broken at near the lightning connector pin

Lightning cable broken near to the 8 pin connector, have a general issue to all iPhone users. Like cable at the end showing inside wires, loose and crispy Rubber cover. This problem occurs generally after 5 to 6 months purchased although your lightning cable likes brand new. My cable suddenly damaged in a single day and few hours. Suddenly I am confused what to do? After Google I found real solution on Fix iPhone lightning cable broken issue favorable to iPhone 5S’s charging cable.
Also I found correct reason behind how it’s possible and factor that’s affecting my lightning cable day to day from this video tutorial. Next, sit back and follow the below instruction guide how to replace broken lightning cable and get original bran new iPhone charging cable.
Also if you are getting lightning cable damage problem for other apple devices (iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch), same steps will be help confidentially.
Fix iPhone lightning cable broken or not supplying

Steps Fix iPhone lightning cable broken, Cut, Damaged or Frayed at the end: 8 Pin

1 Warranty and Apple Care
your device is in less than 1 year warranty or apple care protection, Know your phone age and warranty status, then you will get brand new lightning cable from apple in free, No question asked and also valid proof of purchase. See the below image.
iPhone 5s coverage check online
2 Visit nearest Apple care Support center
Apple support center will help on sales, Service, Training and certification. So you can search nearest apple store/ service station from 260+ in the USA only. For other region or country’s people also get the authorized or official center from here.
Check nearest location for apple device
3 Third party lightning cable
Third party 8 pin lighting cable for iPhone, iPadUse third-party lightning cable approved by apple, also available in cheap price at online store. 
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