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Toyota Sport Car Results Cooperation with BMW Glide 2018


Toyota is predicted to re-produce its sport utility vehicle, Supra. Toyota Supra latest presence will be done in 2018. As reported by Autocar, the presence of the latest Supra is the aftermath of the cooperation between Toyota and BMW. Where the two world car manufacturers are collaborating to create the latest sports car.

Later, Toyota Supra will use the same platform with the BMW Z5. While the latest Supra specifications are said to be using hybrid technology on the engine. The embedded turbocharged V6 engine is reportedly capable of generating up to 400 horsepower. The machine will also be equipped with an electric motor.

Ian Robertsn, Director of Sales and Marketing of BMW revealed when the platform created by Toyota and BMW can produce two different poitioning. “These cars do not need to be positioned the same, although both companies can work together,” said Robertson.

For information, Toyota Toyota Supra first introduced in 1978. But in 2002 the Japanese car manufacturer to stop production Supra. As for the latest model, reportedly Toyota will design it similar to Concept FT-1 that Toyota introduced in the Detroit event some time ago.

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