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Apple Gets Second Rank Companies with Best Management According to Drucker Rating


Apple managed to rank second among 250 US companies with the best governance according to Drucker Institute. If you do not know yet, Drucker Institute is a company founded with the mission of ‘spreading the teachings’ of economic pillars, Peter Drucker, whose concept is most widely used by Fortune 500 companies. The results make this Cupertino based company under Amazon first) and above Google (third position).

    The rating is compiled by Drucker Institute, established in 2007 to disseminate ideal management teaching. This list is different from a typical list that does not measure specific aspects of a company’s advantages, such as profit or productivity. Rather it is a holistic approach that assesses how well a business in five areas reflects Drucker’s core principles: Customer satisfaction, employee interaction and development, innovation, social responsibility, and financial strength.

The Institute put Amazon in the first rank with a score of 89/100, with Apple underneath having a value of 88.4 / 100. Apple actually exceeds Amazon in terms of financial strength, but Amazon has five stars for customer satisfaction compared to Apple’s four stars. Both companies have interaction and development of four-star employees, and also the same five-star in innovation. But in terms of social efforts, Apple is far better than Amazon with five stars, while Amazon only get two stars.

Other technology companies considered to be among the best corporate governance companies are IBM (# 5), Microsoft (# 6), Cisco (# 9), and Nvidia (# 10). This rating will be updated annually along with the conferment of the Drucker Institute.

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