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Mahindra will soon Produce Electric Car, acceleration 0-100 km / h 8 Seconds


Indeed, the development of the automotive segment now will not be far from electric technology, electric engines, hybrid, PHEV and also others. Maybe for some people this is now tends to be boring, why else electricity again. But again, that is our future picture, so yes we must also understand.

And the electrification movement that took place in global car manufacturers also came to the Bollywood state of India. Where one of their local brands, namely Mahindra, is monitored seriously in this field. It can even be said that Mahindra is the only serious local Indian brand in the electric car segment, as evidenced by the Mahindra Halo they had introduced in 2014 ago. Then what about Tata? Yes, there was a discourse that Tata Nano will be given an electric machine, but this sejuah electric engine is still a discourse by Tata, Indian manufacturers are still focused on restoring their eknomoi state.

Okay, back to Mahindra. Mahindra is rumored to be ready to start the era of electric cars in India in 2019. Quoting from Drivespark, Mahindra has been preparing three types of electric cars to be introduced between 2019 and 2020. And not until there, the three electric cars from Mahindra is not an ordinary electric car, but is an electric car with high Performance. Citing the datri Times of India, Mahindra Electric Mobility’s CEO Mahesh Babu agrees.

And besides, there is another interesting fact, where the three cars will have a top speed of 186 km / h, 150km / jam, and also 190 km / hour. As for acceleration figures also vary, ranging from 8 seconds, 9 seconds to 11 seconds to 0-100 km / hour. As for the main problem of an electric car, the mileage, the three products from Mahindra also has a variety of different mileage as well, ranging from the lowest is 250 km, then 300 km, and 350 km. The fast motion of Mahindra itself is also included to provide a reliable electric car ecosystem, in which not only the car itself, but also the charging infrastructure.

So far, Mahindra itself already has four whiz in the segment of EV, namely Mahindra e20, Mahindra eVerito, and Mahindra eSupro, and Mahindra eAlfa Mini. But indeed the model, the fourth champion of Mahindra is still less impressive. New on the Mahindra KUV100 EV series later Mahindra has a car EV is unsightly. Currently, Mahindra is developing a charging technology that can be faster, if initially requires 1 – 1.5 hours, then cultivated charging will be accelerated to 40 minutes only.

Certainly interesting to see the development of the manufacturer – manufacturer for electric-powered cars like this Mahindra.

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