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Shell Releases Ionity, Fast Charger Station for Electric Cars


Famous as an oil and gas company, Shell itself was actually not sure with electric cars that in fact will not use any type of Shell products. However, Shell has been racked his brain and tried to plunge into the electric car support industry. Partnering with some of the world’s leading car manufacturers, Shell will launch an electric car charging network in Europe.

The type of charger or charger selected Shell is fast charging, and Shell calls this electric car charger network as Ionity. The parties invited to join hands with Shell are BMW Group, Daimler, VW Group and Ford. Ionity will offer a charging capacity of up to 350 kilowatts claimed to be able to charge up to 80 percent in just 15 minutes.

It’s very fast for the size of electric car charging, be honest. By 2020, Ionity will have about 400 charging stations in several countries within the continent of Europe, and is compatible with all electric cars entered and registered in the Combined Charging Standard (CCS) protocol. Oh yes, this CCS protocol standard is different from the charging standard used by Tesla.

Most Ionity stations will be on the rest of the highway area, and the location will certainly be adjacent to Shell’s usual fossil fuel station. Shell has added an electric car charger to some of its gas stations, and the company also acquired several charging networks, such as NewMotion which is Europe’s largest acquisition of Shell.

The presence of Ionity from Shell is another important sign of the arrival of electric cars in the future, plus the potential threat of electric cars for oil companies such as Shell that has decades of dominating the fuel industry. Shell’s prediction for the growth of electric cars is 10 percent of the total fleet of vehicles by 2025. When is Indonesia? Hopefully there is a regulation that regulates electric cars and charging power.

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