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Garmin Approach S60 Stylish Watches for The Golfer


Garmin again announced a new product, this time is a GPS golf watch dubbed the Approach S60. This watch comes with a large 1.2-inch color touch screen that remains visible in the sun and a sleek new design that can be used everyday both on and off the golf course.

S60 supports more than 40,000 golf courses around the world with data to be updated, featuring field mapping with colors the golfer can see directly from his wrist. S60 provides quick access to important information needed in each round like the right distance to green, hazard, and dogleg to help golfers master their game.

To be more exciting and competitive, Approach S60 is one of the many Garmin-enabled golf watches that is compatible with Garmin Golf’s new app, which lets users compete with weekly ratings on any golf course. This free application allows users to compete with friends and fellow golfers in the same field, while viewing ratings, scores, and handicap of other players, and more.

Players can create their own tournaments and invite other friends to participate, while chatting with each other and displaying the results for others to see. With Approach S60, golfers can also take advantage of the new app for live scores while playing in the round. Scores that are inserted into the device will be instantly synced to the app to be updated instantly in the middle of the game.

Engelhard (Al) Sundoro, Managing Director, Garmin South Asia, says Approach S60 works just as well as a golf watch as well as a stylish watch.

“This watch features important and dependable features of golfers from our Approach series – such as the sophistication of AutoShot ™, SwingTempo, touch targeting, and more – this golf watch is at once the most stylish clock we offer so it can be worn anytime, “he said again.

Thanks to game tracking technology Garmin AutoShot, golfers can easily check back, map, and analyze all detected blows in every game round. Approach S60 automatically records the location and distance of each detected blow, then uploads it to the respective Garmin Connect user account for analysis after the round ends.

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