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How to Enable Picture-in-Picture on ASUS ZenFone


One of the famous new features on Android Oreo 8.0 is Picture-in-Picture mode that lets you watching video in floating window while doing another task or applications. It’s very intuitive and convenience to use, but there are several rules to use this features. Only certain apps that support PiP in Android Oreo. Picture -in-picture already enabled from the start, but if you want to know how to re-enable just follow this steps.

Enable Picture-in-Picture ZenFone Oreo

  1. Open Settings

  2. Choose Apps and Notifications

  3. Choose Special app access

  4. Picture-in-picture

For YouTube, you’ll need to subscribe to YouTube Red or Google Play Music to use the new PiP mode on Android O. For VLC, you’ll need to make sure you’re running the latest version, then you’ll also have to enable the “Play videos in background” option in the app’s settings menu. Or if you doesn’t have youtube red, you can open Youtube in Chrome (enable desktop mode) then choose video to watch, select full screen and then press home button to enable PiP.
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