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Latest Toyota Supra Generation Glide in Geneva


That Toyota is preparing a new sports car, iu already so public secret. But what’s the name and when it’s launched, that’s a question mark. Overnight, (13/02) Toyota released a silhouette image with the narration of The Legend Return. Still not clear, but now it can be ascertained this sportscar appeared at the Geneva Motor Show 2018, next month.

Not much to dig it, but when compared with Toyota sports car lately a lot of spyshoot circulating photos of it, it can be ascertained that the car was introduced. One indicator, two bulges on the roof. But the big wings that nampang in teaser photo so the question. Because along the spyshoot circulating, no one is using a massive wing so.

About the name, the most powerful speculation: Supra. This is also marked with the circulation of brochure photos read All New Toyota Supra some time ago. But lately, there was also a possible discourse name 2000GT, legendary sports car engined Yamaha, a short age. To be sure, the form of coupe, two doors, based on FT1 concept car design and developed with BMW. It could be another name used.

The smart internet world says its engine speculation uses a 6-cylinder inline with a turbocharger. The maximum power generated reaches 339 PS, with torque of 450 Nm. Considering Toyota rarely makes six-cylinder inline engine lately, then we also speculate that this is a BMW engine. Transmission using 8-speed automatic though not yet known what technology is in the power supplier.

In addition, entry-level variants of this car using a four-cylinder turbo engine, with a maximum power of 195 PS. Then the middle variant has 254 PS power, with the same configuration. Possibly, this four-cylinder engine is made and formulated by Toyota through its fast car division, Gazoo Racing.

Finally, there are also rumors that say this car was made at the Magna Steyr plant in Austria. So, no longer ‘made in Japan’. BMW has almost certainly produce BMW Z4 through the cooperation.

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