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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Facelift Technologically Sophisticated S-Class


Welcoming the Geneva Motor Show 2018 exhibition, Mercedes-Benz prepares a number of new products. One of them is attention, C-Class facelift (W205). Although facelift, this latest sedan has significant changes and revisions. The machinery and electronics sector are being overhauled in addition to improvements in design and completeness.

The main revision of the C-Class sedan and estate on the engine part. Power and torque generated 4-cylinder engine 2.0 liters, turbocharger reportedly increased. The numbers have not been officially released by Mercedes-Benz. EQ-Power lightweight hybrid system will also be available, which thanks to the electric motor can boost power up to 40 hp. Power distributors still rely on automatic 9G-tronic. For diesel versions and AMG C-Class also improved the kitchen sector pacunya.

Exterior can be seen the difference. Bumper with a touch of chrome, new headlights and a new grille for variants AMG Line. The headlights can be selected Multibeam LED with Ultra Range high beams. High-performance lights, claimed to combine 84 separate LEDs that can be adjusted according to comfort and driving conditions.

New infotainment so the most prominent for the revision of the cabin. The system is taken from the new S-Class, using a 7 inch wide screen (optional 10.25 inches) in the center and its position just above the three AC vents on the center console. Medium instrument cluster has been using 12.3-inch digital display with three display modes (Classic, Sport and Progressive).

Infotainment controls still use the COMAND knob on the center console, plus touch control on the steering wheel. The new feature, allowing access to infotainment and cluster instrument displays as easy as shifting the smartphone screen. Voice commands are also enhanced equivalent to the S-Class. A number of features, such as a seat heater can be operated via voice commands.

New electronic driver assistance system embedded in the C-Class facelift. The system was also adapted from the S-Class. This compact sedan also supports semi-autonomous in certain situations, thanks to an improved camera and radar sensor that can capture up to 500 meters of forward range. Are around the car scanned radar with a distance of 250 meters to the front, 40 meters side and 80 meters to the rear. It supports Active Distance Assist Distronic, which functions like an advanced cruise control adaptive with steering, braking and automatic acceleration. The feature also utilizes the navigation system to recognize the streets.

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class will appear at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. There Mercedes-Benz announces the details of the new C-Class engine, both for petrol and diesel, as well as AMG C-Class models.

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