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3 Top Reasons Why Your Startup Needs an App


On October 6th, 2010, a man named Kevin Systrom released an app. It allowed you to post pictures for everyone to see. He sent it to tech influencers to have them review it, and this resulted in 25,000 user downloads within 24 hours. By the third week, it had 300,000 users. Then, he sold the app to Facebook in 2012 for 1 billion dollars, when the app had grown to 30 million users.

The app I’m talking about is Instagram. It has had one of the most successful launch stories in the history of smartphone applications. It’s now become more than just a tool for sharing pictures. There are currently over 25 million businesses active on Instagram. People also make a living by advertising to their follower base.

Instagram is a perfect example of why your startup needs a mobile app. I’m not saying that your release will be as successful as that of Systrom’s baby, but apps have a very important role in the new age of technology.

My name is David N. Sharifi, Esq., and I’m a technology and trademark lawyer at L.A. Tech Media & Law. I deal with all kinds of aspects of the tech industry, and I see developments first hand due to the nature of my work. I handle clients with startups all the time, and every day I take more notice of the importance of having a mobile app for your business. Apps aren’t just for large companies anymore – startups and mid-size businesses are also developing them. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why your startup should have an app:

1. Promote Your Visibility and Innovation

Consumers tend to place more trust in a business that has its own app. It shows that you are up to date and innovative. Of course, the app doesn’t have to be directly related to marketing. If it adds a little more to the consumer’s life, you’re well on your way to building your brand.

As an example, Kraft has their own app which teaches people cooking recipes. They use the app as a tool that helps consumers on a daily basis. There’s no need to market anything because the clients are made aware of the brand every time they scroll through their phones to find new cooking tips.

In 2016, a study concluded that 62% of businesses were in the process of developing an app. Stay in the game and beat your competition by creating your own.

2. Market to Your Customers

Alright, so if you’re planning on using your app as a marketing tool, go for it. But, make sure not to overdo the push notifications, otherwise, you’ll alienate your customers. It’s nice to receive a sale notification on my phone every now and then. However, it can be a bother when I’m waiting for an important text, and I unlock my phone only to see an advertisement.

Smartphones are with us all the time. Not only that, but young adults spend about 5 hours per day on average using their smartphones. Billboards and subway ads are a thing of the past. It’s time to start using mobile devices as an effective marketing strategy. You can showcase your products, promote deals, and have polls to receive feedback.

3. Easy Access to Your Brand

People have short attention spans. Most of the complaints I hear about when dealing with customer support are the long wait times to reach a representative. We want ease of access and simplicity. What better way than to have an app that allows your client base to immediately get in touch with you?

Customers will be inclined to engage with your brand more if it’s as easy as tapping it from their home screen. Apps also have a tendency to be easier to navigate than websites. If you make your app user-friendly, more people will interact with it and prefer it over the website itself.

In my case, I prefer having all my bank transactions done from the bank app instead of going on a computer to navigate their web page. All the options are on my phone, easy to use, and my transactions are quickly completed from the palm of my hand.

Those are the top 3 reasons you need to have an app for your startup. We live in an age of technology. Younger generations are fully immersed in their devices and social media, so it’s important for you to tap into that market.

What other reasons can you think of for the importance of apps in startup businesses? Let me know in the comments!

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