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3 Easy Tips How to Maximize Your Internet Connection

Many people do not realize that it’s not enough to get a good broadband plan. Apart from having fast internet, you must also make sure your Wi-Fi router is strategically located to optimize your Wi-Fi coverage. But where should you place the router to make the most out of your internet

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Philippines Adapt Alipay Cashless Payment Model in China and Rest of Asia

A Filipino shopper uses the scan to pay feature of the GCash App at a store in one of the popular malls in the Philippines             GCash is adopting the cashless payments model of Alipay, China’s leading third-party mobile and online payments platform, which is enjoying unprecedented success in China, India

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7 Brain Hacks to Get to the Dean’s List

Students at the top engineering schools in the Philippines have to be pretty smart to be able to get in and stay in the school. Students have different ways of studying and getting the info their teachers are saying to stay in their heads. It’s difficult, but they have to

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