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iPhone unable to update billing information and update/download free apps [FIX]

Many iPhone users are facing the issue while downloading or updating the installed apps that iPhone is not updating or downloading apps because of billing information. Surprisingly the issue is occurring for free apps as well. While you make to install or update an existing apps the iPhone tells that

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iPhone 7/8 #Images/Gif not showing in iMessage, says “no images found”

Many iPhone users after upgrading to iOS 11/11.3 are facing issue that after the upgrade #images, gifs and images are no longer showing in iMessage. The issue is happening across all type of iPhones 6/7 and even with latest iPhone X/8. For some iPhone users the #images only work with

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iPhone X/8/7 distorted/ muffled voice issue on calls after iOS 11.3 upgrade [Fix]

 iPhone X/8 and iPhone 6,7 users are facing issue while using carplay app to make voice call while seating in their car.  When other person calls and iPhone 7 is connected via CarPlay to car, person on other hand hears  voice distorted/ blurred which makes it hard or impossible for

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