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Mac OS X Lion Now Released in the App Store



mac os x lion appsgadget

mac os lion appsgadgetThe Apple website as well as the Apple Apps store is gonna be very very busy starting this week because of the release of the Mac OS X Lion, the OS in which Apple marked as the best operating system so far, has boasted its features unlike other OS’s

Mac OS X Lion appsgadget

I have been using the preview versions of the Mac OS X Lion, and it seems one of the most promising Mac OS X version yet. There version is made in the direction similar to mobile OS’s or the IOS.

You can view more of the features in information here.. enjoy 🙂

What is OS X Lion

250 New Features

How to upgrade


Tech Specs

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Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Seamlessly Unites Windows 8 , Mac and the Cloud; Pushes the Envelope with up to 40 Percent Performance Improvement



MSIecs Thunderbolt USB parallels

Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Seamlessly Unites Windows 8

Parallels recently launched Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac, which lets customers run Windows and Mac applications simultaneously on a Mac without rebooting – the award-winning and No. 1-selling Mac desktop virtualization software for more than seven years and counting. Innovative and indispensable new features include cloud storage optimizations for iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive. Customers will also enjoy increased productivity with Mac OS X features like Launchpad in Windows applications and using the upcoming OS X Mavericks. For Windows 8 users, Parallels Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Seamlessly Unites Windows 8 incorporates the familiar and much-missed real Start menu and Windows Start button.

Everyone from business owners, to web developers, IT professionals, Mac enthusiasts, parents and students will benefit from indispensable conveniences of Parallels Desktop 9, such as improved performance, MacBook Power Nap functionality in Windows and Windows applications, connecting Thunderbolt and Firewire storage devices to a Windows virtual machine, improved security features, and increased flexibility for users with multiple monitors. Parallels Desktop 9 also enhances its support of Mac gestures inside Windows applications and offers Linux users enhanced integration with the Mac OS.

Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Seamlessly Unites Windows 8

Parallels Desktop 9 also delivers much improved performance for some of the most common scenarios and operations such as 40 percent improvement in disk performance; virtual machine startup and shutdown are now up to 25 percent faster; and customers can suspend their virtual machines in up to 20 percent less time than before. 3D graphics and web-browsing were also made noticeably speedier with up to 15 percent improvements for both.

Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac Seamlessly Unites Windows 8

The Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac is available at PHP3, 990.

To know more about Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac please email or call 688-3180 to 83 or visit our following retail partners: Switch, Techsavvy Gadgets Corner, Robinsons Metro East, iCenter, The Crossroads Mall, Cebu, Gadgets in Style, Shangri-La, Gadgets in Style, Trinoma.

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Bootcamp Mac OS X Windows 8 Recover Operating System not Found




I recently had a trouble when I try to bootcamp Windows 8 into Mac OSx, I tried to upgrade my Windows 7 bootcamp immediately to Windows 8 without thinking that the latest Bootcamp drivers does not support yet Windows 8 drivers, so there it is. I cannot boot back to Mac OS X. So I tried to downgrade the OS with no success (Windows 7 installer does not work), and anything else.

Until I decided to reformat the Bootcamp drive (still under Windows 8 Bootcamp) and taught that I can boot into the Windows 7 OS installer but instead produced an error in the installation, so I was there stuck and left with the message ” An operating system wasn’t found. try disconnecting any drivers that don’t contain an operating system” under the black screen prompt. I cannot boot any disk, usb, cd drive.

So the only solution is to use the Mac OS X installation CD if you have one.  So here the instructions

1.Insert Mac OS installation CD during boot – note: Hold on C on keyboard to boot into disk, until you can see an Apple Logo loading which is a good sign noh :). The choose the language (don’t worry , we are not gonna reinstall the Mac OS X)

windows 8 recover bootcamp 1

2. After selecting the language,  select utilities , then select “Startup Disk”
windows 8 recover bootcamp 2



3. The select the Mac OS X as the startup disk, then press restart, after that your Mac will boot to the Mac OS X instead of the Windows 8 recover bootcamp 3

That is it, you can now recreate the bootcamp if you reformatted it accidentally. Please comment below if you have any questions.


Tags: An operating system wasn’t found. try disconnecting any drivers that don’t contain an operating system

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iPad App

iPad is more used in the Web Internet than iPhones



apple ipad web traffic

apple ipad web traffic

It is not surprising that iPad owners are getting on top in terms of web browsing than the iPhone or any smartphones out there. It is the device usage and size that makes it more comfortable in surfing the web rather than using a computer, laptop or smartphones(iPhone). With its lightweight and just the right screen size. It is the preferable choice than using am iPhone(smartphone) (screen to small) or a computer/laptop(too heavy and bulky).

Tablet ownership continues to be prevalent among young, wealthy males. ComScore found that 54.7% of tablet owners using the web in August were male, and nearly a third were between ages 25 and 34. Almost half were members of households that earned more than $100,000 per year.

And what are tablet owners using their devices for? Nearly 60% are accessing social networking sites and consuming news on their devices. Approximately 25% are reading news on those devices on a near-daily basis.

Shopping is also a popular pastime. In August, 56% of tablet owners looked up product or price information from a specific store, and 54% read customer ratings and reviews. Nearly half of tablet owners actually completed a purchase on the device.

Source: Mashable

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